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"Our hearts are full of gratitude and thankfulness for the wonderful service and help you gave our precious little Grandmother. You were so faithful and dedicated, all of the time." - Victoria F 




"For all of your staff that spent time with my Dad I want to say thank you. He was quite a guy and you helped me the last few months more than you will ever know.  I came to understand what hospice is all about and that there are angels on earth. Words are not enough so I hope you know in my heart that youare special and I am so thankful to you."
- Carol N




"Thank you for the support and care you offered my father when he was ill last summer. Although he was only on hospice a short time, Freedom was a belssing to have by our side." - Richard B





"We want to send a heartfelt thank you to the team at Freedom Hospice.You are all so special and we cannot thank you enough for becoming a major part of our family. You made our days much brighter and gave us extra quality time with Mom." - Peggy Y




"The Freedom staff is great with communication, which is excellent in the quality of care we like to offer our residents. Thanks for all the dedication." - Sara D
(nursing home administrator)




"Your kindness may seem simple to you, but meant everything to me." 
- Eugene D

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Hospice Care Arlington, TX

Palliative Hospice Care Arlington, Texas

Palliative Care Arlington, TX

At Freedom Hospice, we are committed to providing quality Palliative Hospice Care services to patients in the Arlington, Texas area. We understand it's not always easy to let strangers care for their loved ones, but at Freedom Hospice, we treat our patients like family. There are common hospice care myths and questions that leaves people skeptical, but we want to build confidence to ensure we only provided the best quality Palliative care service.

Hospice Care Services in Arlington TX

For families facing life limiting circumstances, Freedom Hospice wants to ensure the best hospice care tailored to each individual in addition to specialized psychological, spiritual and personal care. The needs of our elderly patients are top priority therefore we provide 24/7 on-call hospice services in the Arlington area. 

Palliative Hospice Care Arlington | Quality-of-Life-Care

Is another way to say "Freedom Hospice Care" that better captures what we do: we dedicate our multi-disciplinary expertise to help our patients and their families live life to the fullest, in comfort and with dignity, for as long as life can be lived.

  • If you're reading this, chances are it's a difficult time in your life or the life of a loved one. We understand. Unlike most other hospice care websites that are sad and deterministic, we've designed our site to be an informative place where we offer an alternative viewpoint: while the complexities and emotions of life-limiting circumstances are unavoidable, please consider that right now is very likely the most important time in life to focus your energy on making the most of the love you have to give and the quality of life there is yet to live. A focus on love and life-quality is what we find ultimately brings peace, and we call that a Quality-of-Life Focus.

  • From our experience, a hospice diagnosis may not be what you think. We've found that it's important to understand why anyone started a discussion with you about hospice care. At first, this might seem like a bit of technical and financial talk, but read on, the key take-aways have proven very helpful to many patients and families:

  • Know that when a physician or caregiver recommends hospice care, they're actually recommending an evaluation for hospice eligibility under the guidelines of Medicare and Medicaid (Note: If you have private insurance for hospice or palliative care, or if you intend to pay for care directly, certain Medicare and Medicaid guidelines may not apply. Please contact us to discuss the many Quality-of Life Care options that may be available to you);

  • Medicare and Medicaid guidelines attempt to assess whether a patient has more or less than a six month life expectancy if the hospice diagnosis runs its normal course, for the purposes of Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement only;

  • Importantly, many patients live for months or years past the expectancy set by the guidelines, therefore a hospice election by an individual or a family is not surrendering and it does not mean that life will end within six months, it only means that the patient is eligible for the benefit under the guidelines;

  • Some patients improve substantially on hospice care because we often sort-out many medications that may be causing unpleasant side effects while we add more "skilled eyes" on the patient, creating earlier awareness of changes in condition and as a result, we discharge some patients from hospice for "Extended Prognosis" which means their health has improved so much that they no longer meet the guidelines for hospice;

  • Other patients change their minds while on hospice care and "revoke" their hospice election to pursue aggressive treatment - and there is absolutely no penalty for doing so.

  • Hospice services are available to, but not used by, many families and patients who do not realize that in almost every case, our services are available to them free of charge. Learn more about your hospice care benefits.

We hope that's helpful information. While we've touched a little on our philosophy and our distinctive approach to our work, we'll go into a little greater detail below about how we distinguish ourselves in meaningful ways, through our Quality-of-Life Care, our no regrets attitude, our singular focus and our specialized one staff protocols.

Hospice Caregivers of Arlington TX Want To Be There For You

Our Hospice care facility in Arlington, TX, doesn't just stop at the minimum levels of palliative hospice care required by law, we work to exceed the experience for our patients. Under the careful direction of our Physician Medical Director and a patient's physician, our hospice care team of expert registered nurses, social workers, chaplains and certified nurse aides work as an integrated unit to provide physical, emotional and spiritual Quality-of-Life Care to each individual and every family we have the honor to serve.

Freedom Hospice takes pride in being the hospice caregivers to trust in the Arlington, TX area. We do not share resources with a Home Health agency. We are narrowly focused on palliative and hospice care. We are among very few innovators in our line of work. In our opinion, staying at the leading edge of thought and science is the only way to ensure we deliver the best possible service in our discipline. Our "One Staff" program as an example, is a purposefully designed protocol and communication regime designed to serve the special needs of our many hospice facility-based patients.

During these difficult times, we want to be there for you. Feel free to explore further about Levels of Hospice Care, real testimonials, and palliative hospice coverage and care. Contact us by email or call us at (817) 265-0151 for more information on how we can assist you the best way possible.


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